Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wherever You Are, Afar.

i had seen you in a dream-
on hills
soft breast,
who's hair ran wild
with wind & curl
& hand near sewn to chest,

who's heart of mine measured
no matter which height
grows like wild flowers
these eyes at your sight
& warm at dawn
the crisp of light
which glows my heart
in wholesome might,

our blushing gold fields
that fade when I wake-
will never once be washed
when the tide pulls its wave,

know that I love you
no matter where you are,
my heart is there for you
in the wind
wherever you are, afar.


  1. I followed you because you took a chance on me. Enlighten and entertain me please.

  2. I like your poems very much. I don't usually follow poetry or writing sites, but for yours I will definitely make an exception.

  3. This is reminiscent of the classic traditional sonnets which I love. Your grip on style and form is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.