Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sewn Into The Earth

I will sing for you into the quivering nigh
as we have always yearned to sing
where the ocean blossoms
like a cosmos in its endless swirling
upon the elk and vibrant green-
these virgin feet touch
your golden shore where
sweet swells of tide break
against the skin
me in,
expanding its breast
exhaling, crashing
from its chest to mine,
brief glimpses of endless time

I am yours,
I am yours,

my feet massage the soils;
sand, grass and sea,
the world is gloriously orchestrasted
and I
imagine becoming one with you
so that we
may always sing;

our white-capped islands,
half-submerged into our watery blue
are stones we leap from;
at the last
we’ll dive
and submerge into we
absorbed by the sea
in what the forever drew

the sweaters I have worn ...
have they become useless?
as you are more than warm,
so what’s the use of sweaters
when all I need is you?

you’ve embraced my heart
and you’ve set it ablaze
your words have struck me harder
than being hit by a bolt in the rain,
my love for you is endless
like the millions of city lights across
the cities in the endless fireflies
as a billion zippo lighters
decorate their populous eyes,

amongst the never ending
that flicker and glitter in the dark,

that dazzled in our eyes
as did the rooftops
that fused our hearts together
among the tallest of towers
where glorious appetites

escaping with our lives
from its gates
to then spill our words
with like-minded folk
to sing poetry
and discuss mad politics
among a face of fame (unknown
to us
was Kev Spay)

so let’s go into the night
and be fused
among the phallically flowing white Coit Tower,
chalk buildings
loved by this city,
let’s go mad with furious glory
and wreak havoc to the calm
still of night
shouting rhythms
to the dripping street lamps
and steep avenues,

sparkling our passions
with others
and ourselves,
arouses the glorious appetite
in our bellies
for the jazz of the world

-much the way
repeating waves work-
hit against the watery skin
a moonlight glitter
of silent light
against the receding chest of beach
grazes against our flesh
enlightening the spark
in the dark

I am yours,
golden shores
I am yours,

so neatly are we knit
as though we had been sewn
into ourselves all this time
into the earth and into the light;
discovering you
is like no other miracle
as a sweater I lost at sea (back in ’97)
has returned to keep me warm again;
since my recent finding,
you’ve projected an eternal wave
in the endless vast of my mind,
we’ll have ourselves warm
with our victorious flames
in our hearts,
welded into the deepening souls,
giving off
an eternal warmth

aren’t we a broad breasted breed‽
from all the words we have weaved?
come beating from the chest
from the heart
through the lung!

we paint the night
with endless stars,
for the farthest reaches
to Monterey’s beaches

I am yours,
San Francisco
I am yours,

you’ve given me more
than I could have ever dreamed,
from your cold fog breath
we’ve drawn in by tugging
at your curtain’s shoulder,
to the walks
and to the tops
of your bosomy breasts,
how can I simply
when every waking moment
is an infinite orgasm
of splendid opportunity?

I want to join your orgy
and fall endlessly in love
with your redwood limbs
your deep valleys of delicious honey
your mad supermarkets
your parks full of wine and cheese,
the strangled martini dog faces owned
by the elitist regimes
the million hands of narrow and steep streets
with some waving hat
or cup
or hand
or skull,

and nights at the Conservatory
where I met the finest explosions
of beautiful words words words words!
where all I want to do
is dive into you;

Ah, sweet Paris of the West!
the way you move me is like no other!

through the desert
I found you
like the traveler is to an oasis
who has fallen into the trance
of your imaginary mirage,
and since you’ve raced down my spine
through my canal
and have summoned my milky white
ejaculating over your city lights
birthing the starry maplights
in all its orgasmic
cosmic splendor!-
I’ve formed the milky way;

that fine touch of lightning
which strikes the lip
has since played the electrical current
and all I can do is sing:
ever since I met you-
Eye to the Universe-
I’ve never felt so alive,
when I’m with you, I grow stronger
our nights will make us younger
and ever so bright,

when I’m with you
I’m sewn into you

feeling us

feeling we,

we’ll paint our bright blue earth
with a waterfall of colours
and live in its harmony
underneath the eucalyptus trees
and redwood,

when I dream
I dream of tomorrow
and every day I must spend
on hills saturated with golden dew
that become islands
surrounded by a white,
cotton cloth,
and soon I’ll open its curtain
revealing the fairest of flesh
behind this wholly fluff

a body far and wide
and bosomy,
so when I’m struck by the light
I will sing what we have sung,

I am yours,
victorious earth,
I am yours,

I have opened your windows
I have opened your doors,

and when the hourglass begs
the universe
for endless, infinite sands
give it the teaching as you have done
for woman and man:
that love is a senseless act of giving,
much as the waves
are to the shores,

you’ve opened my windows
you’ve opened my doors
and have swept my into
your glorious abyss,

the fog curls in the sweetest light,
softly dipped into the horizon-
I cup the sweet honey
from its shimmering thigh,
cleansing gullet,

blushing from the heart,
spinning wheels of sparks
across the roadways to nowhere
where the Sun’ll rise from anywhere
while running on empty
in the heart of New Mexico
your melody
blossoms from the radio,
drawn by the way you pull me closer
driving me in to an intoxicating sea
abyss of the heart I've always dreamt

of a pleasure fever
dripping wet
where all I want to be
is in your arms!

we’ll paint this earth with lips,
dripping cuts of clouds
falling Gracefully
warmly Quivering,
sweet ribbons of highways
connect to the first stitch
of Big Sur lore,

your swelling breasts
crash against my skin,
the floor erodes beneath my feet
and I’m pulled in
and succumbed
by the world’s largest protein shake,
peacefully dragged
into your body,

I step into you
and I become you.

I am one’s own ocean,

I will carve into the wave
as I’ve done so in air
with wings like an albatross-
the wind through my hair
without discretion
the Monet sky
we have always wanted,

I am yours,
I am yours,

we’ll watch the chorus dawn
from these golden shores
singing unforgettable rhythms
"we aren’t afraid anymore"

sure, we’ve wondered where all this is going,
but what else are we to do
when you're unemployed
and cash in the pocket-
would you rather suffer and mope
or would you harpoon the fleeting steer
and seize only but the proudest moment
in time?

we've all been slaves,
but shake those shackles until they break,
because once you exit
that open door
you’ll have a window
always yours,

forged by great, forgotten hands
that highway cuts
straight through the sand
clouds skimming;

my bristly beard
against your pale neck
feels as warm as train wheel friction-
wholeheartedly bursting
into the atmosphere;

a wildflower, unbuttoned
blessed bird
singing sweetly
like you are
Saint Francis of Assisi

whispering words to the dawn
in the science
of your heart
beneath your inhaling
breathing apparatus
accordion breath,
with your eyes staring at mirror
the same way we did
in the backseat
of a ruby red convertible
eyeing the blood-red mountains
in the far distance
that lay bare,
in New Mexico
after we decorated cacti
with sombrero and stache;

cradled in my arms:
this notebook,
which I’ve scribbled
all sorts of gibberish
is not something that’s meant
to be consigned to any flame,

when I’m with you,
Paris of the West,
everything becomes sacred-
City Lights
rocking chair
2nd floor
clothes torn from the fire escape
to the alley’s hall,
every sock is a leaf
to the river
calm and still
branches hugged by copper wire
sing the splash to the pavement
only to be swept up
and be discarded
like most things
we’ve hung on trees,

trembling flesh
this city
lusting for the need
to keep holding on
to the quenchable thirst
of your
dripping sea,
swallowed whole
on every street,

I love you
like no other,

you’ve opened my windows

you’ve opened my doors

the invitation of your fog breath
has drawn me to your arms,
the pillow of your shoulder
is where I’ll weep
as I would fear to miss your voice;
the way
so soothing,

I am yours,
I am yours,

you’ll always be
the one that soars
in the wilderness wind
over the mountains
and oceans
with our hands
over a glowing bright blue dot
fingering San Francisco-
North Beach in particular,

know that I’ll always be with you
even if I’m not there,
sewn into each other

knit together and
joyously weaved,

we’ll sing
on the shore,
I’ll point to the chorus of dawn
for you to see eyes deep
so remember from my breath
when the light breaks a tune:

I’ve never met a sunset
that wasn’t meant for you.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Hippolyte aka Milo Brokenshire and Caroline Szpak will be reading their works @ The Green Room on Saturday, November 26 at 7:00pm

Come early if you'd like.


Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

State, Ohio

At last I see the moon
slicing through the trees
wherein fireflies
paint its air spilling
fluorescent gasoline,

beneath the canopy
setting flames
above the dew
of grass
that everlasting
wholly mast just
for me to grasp,

where I sleep
is here in Ohio
wholesome in the heart
for an endless tomorrow,

that west I've sought for
is to be mine at last
steering from the stern
into the unending vast.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wherever You Are, Afar.

i had seen you in a dream-
on hills
soft breast,
who's hair ran wild
with wind & curl
& hand near sewn to chest,

who's heart of mine measured
no matter which height
grows like wild flowers
these eyes at your sight
& warm at dawn
the crisp of light
which glows my heart
in wholesome might,

our blushing gold fields
that fade when I wake-
will never once be washed
when the tide pulls its wave,

know that I love you
no matter where you are,
my heart is there for you
in the wind
wherever you are, afar.