Saturday, September 3, 2011

Whales of the Desert Sea

The Whales of the desert

sail across the sea

wailing long hums

under dotted canopy

where glittered maplight

was spawned by their creation

ejaculating beyond the heavens:

infinite space fertilization,

milky way swam through bliss

from a deep and dark abyss,

bursting out a highway from hips

the driver lays a kiss to lips,

they sail by city lights

like a million zippo lighters

whose houses are full of hands

getting higher than hog-masked fighters,

highways full of hands exchanging handjobs

for happy glands- who’ll impulsively decorate cacti

with sombrero, moustache and sash,

for no other reason than their suburban white trash,

humans built the highways

as the highways built them,

other mammals followed

only to sleep instead,

words of the whale

are tied together by thread,

great beautiful mantras in the wind

for the wonderful world ahead,

the sea canopy

with lantern in sky

will act as a compass

for travel beyond the mountainside,

so, when perched by the highwayside

listen for the whale in the sand,

its eyes a thousand fireflies

that warms the soulful gland.

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